The Company

HAIRBEAU is an online retailer that supplies affordable hair care products.

We provide a range of brands that have been carefully selected, to give our Customers products based on consumer market research, variety of hair types and personal preferences.

There is something for everyone at HAIRBEAU.

Looking after your hair is a luxury. A luxury that can be affordable by shopping at HAIRBEAU.


HAIRBEAU is a Black owned company that was founded by 2 business women from London, who have a passion for hair care. As individuals of Ghanaian and Jamaican descent respectively, we have experience in using the products that we sell.

With our experience in hair care management, we want to provide a service that educates men and women on what their hair type is and what products would be good for their hair. 

Head over to our library corner for hints, tips and recommendations for your hair.

black hair treatment
black hair treatment
black hair treatment
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